My Former Japanese Abode
(2-story house)
"Before" Photo
(the way it looked the day I moved)
(Now you see it.)
"After" Photo
(taken just 3 weeks later)
(Now you don't.)
My Present Japanese Abode
(38.7 m2 (417 ft2) 2DK)
My apt. is the 2nd from the left
on the 1st floor
Front door
View of neighbor's place from the front door
(Yep, it was a beautiful "laundry" day.)
Kitchen table
Kitchen sink area
My luxurious 71cm (28") x 79cm (31") "garden" bath 
(my knees are in my chest, but the water's DEEP
....all the way up to my neck)
The powder-my-nose corner
(The former tenants, Scottish and Welsh guys,
apparently had no need for a mirror, light, or shelves I improvised a bit.)
Very fortunate not to have
the squat-down version
Office (left side)
Office (right side)
The scenic "greenery" view from my veranda
Thank you for visiting me virtually.  Now, why don't you come see me in person sometime?