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My Tribute to Sigi Rindler,
a.k.a. Mr. Akihabara


Greetings, everyone,
I cannot stop thinking of this wonderful man who gave so much of himself to our Tokyo PC Users Group and who we all knew as Mr. Akihabara.  Sigi went to be with the Lord on May 19, 2008. 
As part of my reflecting back on his countless contributions & service to our club, I did a quick search of the TPC website, and this was very revealing, as it only further confirmed Sigi's superstar status:
His interests and specialties (from the TPC member directory):
computing: Word crunching, On-line dictionaries, Various utilities, Building my own computer
interests: Classical music, Electronics and other gadgets
help with: No specialties, but I know a bit of everything... and I know somebody who knows! <g>
Sigi's officer positions:
-  Membership Chair, 1993-1995
-  Mr. Akihabara, 1995-2002  (also, a couple of photos of him on this page)
Akihabara tour reports/updates:
00/1/16 -  (p. 8 - nice photo of Sigi) 
99/11/14 -  (p. 8 - I love this color caricature of him!)
99/9/15 -  (p. 3)
July 1999 Algorithmica Japonica (AJ) (p. 12.  Also, p. 2 lists Sigi as Publicity Director):
98/10/18 -  (p. 8)
97/10/12 -
97/8/10 -
97/5/11 & 97/5/18 -
97/3/16 -
96/10/6 -
Feb. 1996 AJ - 
96/1/21 -
More misc. Algorithmica Japonica articles:
HP Printer Nightmares, June 1998 -
Fax Away with "Faxaway," Feb. 1998 -
How to Get a State-of-the-Art Computer System for Free, Feb. 1998 -
Callback, Dec. 1997 -
Browsing the Net, Oct. 1997 -
Sharing Things, Oct. 1997 - 
Virus Alert, Oct. 1997 -
Building My Own Computer, May 1997 -
Rest in peace, Sigi.  You were one awesome dude....
Gary Wolff
Program Director
Tokyo PC Users Group
June 15, 2008


Sigi Rindler's Live Chat Cafe:



Mitaka Sizzler, Jan. 2007    (Courtesy: Jerry Suppan)


1998-99 TPC Officers
Ben Miller, Stuart Woodward, Tony Whitman, Mike Kato, Sigi Rindler,  Mousavi Morteza, Ken Cotton, Austin Hicks

Feb. 2000 Algorithmica Japonica (page 8)


April 1999

Dec. 1997

'97-'98 TPC officers


Sigi & his wife in his apartment in Ebisu just after they got married
(photo courtesy: Marc Simmons)

Sigi's friends in his apartment in Ebisu
just after he got married
(photo courtesy: Marc Simmons)

Mr. Akihabara, leading a tour on May 16, 1999

(June 1999 Algorithmica Japonica)



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