Here are some of my favorite Tokyoites posing in front of the gorgeous
cherry blossoms along the Tama River in Tokyo.

The cherry blossom front is slowly making its way northward
along the Japanese archipelago.
Around the 1st of April, the cherry blossoms will start opening up in Tokyo,
and people will start throwing their plastic ground sheets down
under the blossoms to enjoy cherry blossom viewing parties,
known in Japanese as "ohanami,"
complete with food, drink, karaoke, dancing, you name it.
In short, unbridled pandemonium. Some folks even have to be taken to
hospitals for alcohol poisoning.
But in general a real blast for all participants.
And definitely a very ingrained part of Japanese culture.

Click here to view some snapshots from one of my cherry blossom viewing parties
from a couple years ago.

And click here for some breathtaking photos of the cherry blossoms that were on my home page last year.

Hey, and let's not forget the Texas wildflowers. Sure miss those beautiful Texas Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes !!
Click here for a short slide show.

Gary Joe Wolff

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