.........Haru ga kita.........
(Spring has come)

Tired of winter?  I am.  
Fortunately, spring comes early in Japan.  
The springtime flowers bring a non-stop exhilirating display of brilliant colors
and sweet fragrances to titillate the senses.  
The plum blossoms begin in mid-February,
followed by the absolutely breathtaking cherry blossoms,
and then a continuous overlapping of blooming periods for azaleas,
camellias, wisteria, peonies, roses, tulips, pansies, irises, hydrangeas, etc.
that lasts well into mid-summer. 
For anyone not accustomed to seeing flowering trees in full bloom,
the cherry blossoms are exceptionally impressive,
as they are quite widespread throughout the city,
appearing like large clumps of cotton candy on the landscape.
In Japanese culture, the cherry blossoms are symbolic of renewal and a fresh start,
as both the new school year and new fiscal year begin in April.
For a short sampling of Japan's spring magic, click on the links to
flower photos below:








More Tulips

Peach blossoms

Pink cherry blossoms

White cherry blossoms

Cherry blossom viewing party

And then there's.....

Ohanami, the Art of Cherry Blossom Viewing


How to care for a flowering cherry tree, if you are lucky enough to own one

Also, springtime flowers are very beautiful in Texas, too.....

Take the virtual tour here.

Gary Joe Wolff
(in Japan)

atop mt. oyama

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