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January 4, 2012

Hey Bubba, it was New Year's Eve right before you passed that i talked to you on the phone for what was the last time. I didn't know it would be the last. I sure do miss those calls and hearing you tell a joke and laugh. You'd be so proud of Brandon. He's worked his way up at a local car dealership in Tyler and he is now in New Car Sales. He has worked there for over 2 yrs now and his boss really likes him. I'll see you when i get home Bubba. Miss You.

January 9, 2011

Bubba, you left us 3 yrs ago today and not a day goes by that i don't think about you. I miss the emails and phone calls and all the jokes and laughter my friend. I remember getting that phone call from Larry Gunter telling me of your passing and how long it took to sink in that it was really true. We sure do miss you. You'd be so happy cause my daughter Rhiannon moved back home with me over the Christmas holidays so now me, Brandon, and Rhi are a family again.

December 31, 2010

It was just a few yrs ago that Ted (Bubba) called me on this very night new yrs eve to wish me a happy one and that was my last time to ever hear his voice and that treasured laugh of his...You're my best friend Bubba and we all miss you but we know that one day we'll see you again. I have a few jokes stored up and i am sure you have tons of new ones all ready to go...My Daughter Rhiannon has decided to move back home here with me and Brandon so the new yr has started off a Happy one already...Love ya Bubba

August 19, 2010

Wow, Diana that brings up a whole new subject for me too...in my 30 yrs i don't recall ever calling Ted anything but Bubba. it was always, hey bubba or bubba did i tell ya this one...i'll never forget Ted (bubba) calling me on new yrs eve just days before he passed and telling me how much he loved me...he knew i was very ill too and he said, "bubba, don't you go dying on me and i said i won't"...little did i know that was my last phone call from him...i will always have that memory of telling my best friend i loved him too...he was like the older brother everyone wishes they'd had in their lifetime.

August 14, 2010

I Wish heaven had a phone so I could hear your voice again. I thought of you today, but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday, and days before that too. I think of you in silence, I often speak your name. All I have are memories and a picture in a frame. Your memory is a keepsake...from which I'll never part...God has you in his arms. I have you in my heart . We Miss You Bubba

May 19, 2010

Hey Bubba, i thought i'd write you on this 19th day of May being that it's my 13th anniversary here in Tyler at the radio stations. It's been 30 yrs since you helped me get my very 1st radio job and i've never forgotten your kindness Bubba. I am gonna carry on the legacy of us being dj's man. I am also gonna make it to Brandon's graduation June 4th...i am doing much better with my weight and the congestive heart failure issue...i've lost over 100 lbs and feel better than i have in 25 yrs...Thanks again Bubba Ted for giving me the chance to work in such a fun career. Miss you Bubba.

January 16, 2010

Hey Bubba:

I can't believe it's already been 2 yrs since the Lord took you home to Heaven. I'm so glad that Gary & I were able to keep this guest book going so that I can still write to you and fill you in on things back here on earth. I know you remember Dave Goldman who has worked in the Tyler radio market for many, many years...He lost his wife on Thursday morning bubba as she passed away overnight in her sleep. Dave is our news guy at the 5 radio stations. Send an angel down to comfort Dave cause he really needs it. While ur at it you could send me one too bubba cause i've been very ill since July and was off work for over 2 months. I've been feeling better as of late so that's good news. We all miss you and Love you. I have 2 new interns at work and the other day one asked, "so, how did you get into Radio Chris" Well, I 1st showed him your picture i keep on top of my speaker in my studio and began the long version of how i met you and how you got me the job in Dibol, TX 30 yrs ago. He listened to me for about 45 mins. cause you know me, that's about the avg. time it takes me to tell a story. I love you Bubba and thanks for being my best friend and puttin' in a good word for me 30 yrs. ago with Tony McCoy at KSPL in Dibol, TX. I'll never forget it. My birthday is Monday Jan. 18th bubba, i'll be 51.

July 20, 2009

Hey Bubba, i got the nicest email from your sister Betty. It's a little past mid July here in east TX and me, mom and honey were out eating pizza buffet yesterday (Sunday) and you came up in the conversation and we were remembering all the great times we had when you'd stop by the house on North Pecan St. in Nacogdoches...If we could just rub the magic lamp and go back and have some more good times wouldn't that be awesome...i remember all those times when we'd be back in my dads office at the house and i was teaching you to play the drums and that little ole lady came to the front door and told my mom about the noise...man, weren't we the troublemakers back then.
We all miss ya bubba.

March 22, 2009

"Happy Birthday Bubba"
Today is your birthday bubba and i miss you a lot. I am over at my mom n dads house having a late lunch and we were all talking about you and it being your big day and all. We all miss you so much.

February 16, 2009

"Ted's Guestbook, To Infinity & Beyond"
After signing Ted's Guestbook over the past yr i got an email from Ted's buddy Gary Wolff who is now in Japan...Gary and I have become friends over this past yr and have kept in touch weekly...as you all know, Gary even did a Webpage for Ted. Gary and I talked about the upcoming Sponsor of Ted's Guestbook prior to the Feb 13th 2009 cutoff date...We then decided after talking about it that we would give Ted's Family and of course Ted's many wonderful Friends a lasting Memory of our best friend Ted Stewart...On behalf of Gary and myself, Ted's Guestbook is Forever Sponsored so now it will always be here as a Memorial to Ted. I hope you all enjoy signing the Guestbook for years to come.

January 12, 2009

“Ted’s Song” Always Remembered, Never Forgotten
Early last yr I had this idea for a Special Gift for Ted’s Family and Friends on the Anniversary of Ted’s Passing so I emailed my idea to a friend who knew and worked with Ted who can really play the piano well…While I was in Houston a few weeks ago for a visit during the Christmas Holidays we sat around his Piano in his home studio and we came up with this Beautiful Song which will forever be Known as Ted’s Song-Always Remembered, Never Forgotten. I hope each person who hears this Instrumental will always be reminded of how much Ted loved Music…Enjoy this Gift and Thank You Each and Every One for Your Kind Words to Me and To Ted’s Family. I Love Ya’ll, Chris Dyer

If Anyone would like a copy of Ted's Song, Contact me and leave me your email addy.

January 9, 2009

"How Fast A Year Goes By"

Here we all are 1 yr to the day when we lost our Beloved Ted Stewart but in that loss i am reminded of all the wonderful memories we've all gained...There's not a day that goes by that i don't think about My Friend Ted. I am so Blessed to have known Ted and been his friend all those yrs while he was here making us all laugh. I've enjoyed being able to visit this page and share my thoughts and then read all the kind words that friends and family write about a truly wonderful person. So you see it's not so much what we lost, but what each of us gained in crossing paths with Ted Evan Stewart...We Miss You Bubba...Knowing You'll be There, I Long More for Heaven Now Than I Ever Did Before.

December 16, 2008

Hey Bubba:
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around east TX and this will be the 1st one w/o that phone call i always looked forward to with you wishing me and the kids a Merry Christmas...I know ur in a much better place and all the pain is gone and ur gonna spend the holidays with all your loved ones up in heaven...We haven't forgotten you Bubba and i am gonna keep this guestbook going for yet another year so all of us can continue to share our stories about how you touched our lives...there may be those who are just finding out about your passing and want to tell a story or pass along how they feel about you...Save me a seat at the Dan Fogelberg Show Bubba...I miss you...

June 10, 2008

"Two Bubbas Go To A Concert"
Ted and I always loved music and one of our all-time fav groups was and always will be Earth Wind & Fire. Well, thanks to Ted gettin' me the job in radio, i made it to the big time on air in Houston TX...Since i was at the big station i had some hookup with concert tix and i found out that Earth Wind & Fire were coming to the Summit in Houston so i scored us tix for the show...I told Ted we were going to a show when Ted came to town and that's all i told him...We got closer and closer to the Summit and then turned in to the parking garage at the radio station so he still had no clue...I used my private security card and we went down the underground escalator and came up inside the Summit and then went to our seats...Once we got inside Ted flipped out cause he saw all the bands gear up on stage and on the drums it said Earth Wind & Fire and he was like a little kid...Ya'll just don't know how much we loved this group...We collected all their songs back in the day and i still collect their music and DVD concerts to this very day...We sat in amazement as they took the stage and began to sing every one of our fav hits...That was truly a dream concert for the Two Bubba's that night...In i'd say 1999 i bought 2 box sets of Earth Wind & Fire and sent one to my best bubba Ted...It had every song they released and some rare cuts that have never seen airplay...Most of you know how much he loved Dan Fogelberg too but seeing Earth Wind & Fire was so cool...Tune in next time for another Ted Story.

May 16, 2008

"Ted Wow's The Crowd"
I remember one summer in the late 70's while Ted was attending SFA in Nac they had a summer cheerleader orientation and asked Ted to sing a few songs for the girls in the big music hall on campus...Ted borrowed a real fancy shirt of mine that one of my uncles had given me that was 100% silk with these diamond looking stones on it and Ted was set for his big night of performing...It was show time and the place was packed with around 200 cheer-leaders...The place went nuts when Ted started singing...he did some pop songs and a few ballads that night...That was the 1st time i ever saw him perform of a big audience and man, could he sing...Those girls were screaming as if ol' Elvis was up there...We had a blast that weekend for sure...Tune in next time for another Ted story.

April 28, 2008

"The Surprise Burger"
Oh i cant tell ya'll how many times i looked forward to going with Ted to his dad's school for a visit...We'd always time it so we'd get there right before lunch cause we knew it was "Surprise Burger" Day...You don't understand folks, if you've never had a Surprise burger then you have truly missed out on one the best homemade burgers in the world...It was this big homemade bun stuffed with the best fillings on the planet...lots of ground beef and fixin's...Mr Stewart, Ted's dad would proudly take Ted and I over to the lunch room and let us get in line with all the kids to then end up with a plate of some good east Texas cookin' and of course the famous "Surprise Burger"...Ted and I would usually eat 2 and sometimes even 3 and if there were any leftover, Mr. Stewart would get us a to-go order...We had so much fun going to the school to visit Ted's Daddy...Boy what i'd give for a couple of Surprise burgers right about now...Tune in next time for another Ted Story.

April 9, 2008

"We Miss You Bubba"
Today is April 9th, just 3 months after we paid Tribute to our Beloved Ted...Not a day goes by that i don't think about you my friend...I still think i might even get an email with a funny joke or two...When i see an awesome sunrise on my way into work i know you're up in heaven somehow working your magic...I've been sent so many wonderful emails from all your friends and family bubba thanking me for keeping this page going and i want to thank each and every person that's emailed me...Last week i was interviewing a girl from one of our local high schools for our intern program and she asked who the person was in the picture in my recording studio and i started telling my Ted stories and when i was done i found out she could sing so i asked her to sing Amazing Grace in Honor of my best friend Ted and she did an Amazing job...If any of you want a copy just email me and i'll send it via email in an mp3 file...Well, like the title to this post says, We Miss You Bubba...Keep sending us those awesome sunrises...

March 30, 2008

"The Vacation To Dallas"
You know a lot of people take these long planned out vacations to distant towns and cities and even country's but i'll never forget the year in the mid 80's when Ted called me up and said, Hey, Bubba, let's take a trip to Dallas to see my Twin Brother David...I took the time off work and Ted Drove in from Nac and the next morning we set off in my Honda CRX Sportscar on our trip to the Big D as we call it in Texas...We were in no hurry and took our time driving and stopping ever so often for coffee for Ted or a Dr Pepper and to stretch our legs...We made it to Dallas and over to David's apartment...David was teaching school up that way...David took us out for dinner in his new fancy Nissan Maxima and that was one fine ride...We went to a place called Taco Bueno and chowed down...I remember i got this massive plate of the best nacho's i'd ever eaten anywhere...Now the next day was a hoot...We went to David's school and well you know that Ted and David are identical twins right, so i bet you know what happened...Yep, we had a blast fooling people all over the school when Ted would walk in a class or down the hall...Kids thought he was Mr. Stewart and they all called David...We went to the lunch room and it was a blast seeing all the double takes when people saw Ted there with David...Ted and i left for home a few days later and on the way we stopped at his sisters frame/art store and had a nice visit there too...Then it was back to I-45 and the trip home...I let Ted drive us home and we made record time folks...I wont tell how fast he drove cause his mother would have a fit hehehe, but trust me we made the trip in less that 3 hrs...Did Ted secretly want to be a Nascar Driver? That was an awesome vacation and one i have never forgotten...Tune in next time for yet another good ole Ted Story...

March 22, 2008

"Happy Birthday My Best Friend"
Well Bubba, today is the big day for you and David...I sure miss being able to call you and wish the best on your special day and to kid you about getting another year older and grayer...I got up this morning and sat here at my desk and made me a favorites file on my ipod of all the old songs we used to listen back in our Nacogdoches days...I then went for a long drive thru the back roads here where i live taking note of every song and remembering how much fun we had being best friends...the sun was out, it was nice and cool, perfect weather i'd say so i guess you had a part in that didn't ya bubba...i played Pablo Cruise, The Bee Gees, Dan Fogelberg, Gino Vannelli, Chicago, Issac Hayes and even the Oak Ridge Boys and somehow even though i had set the ipod to play in shuffle mode, the last song it played was the Gatlin Brothers song that you loved called I've Done Enough Dying Today. That song got me bubba but i know it was your way of telling me that you're ok...I miss you Bubba...Chris

March 19, 2008

"The Surprise Trip From Nashville"
Back in 1997 i was going thru a divorce and me and my kids moved from Houston where i'd worked on the radio for 15 yrs...I was going thru some tuff times and Ted would always try to cheer me up but he knew that i was having a ruff go of it...One night after midnight there was this loud knocking at my door and i finally got up to see who could be knocking at this late hour...To my surprise, there stands Ted & his then wife Lisa with bags and bags of stuff from our local Walmart...I had no idea what they had done...Ted Drove over 12 hrs from Nashville that day and they drove straight to our Walmart and did some shopping...They brought in bag after bag and the kids woke up to see what was going on...They had bought tons of groceries and even toys for the kids...You should have seen the looks on my kids faces ripping thru the bags and opening toys that night...I was blown away by Ted's unconditional kindness...To drive over 12 hrs to do that for me and my kids was what a true friendship is all about...After all the excitement we put up all the groceries in the cabinets and the freezer and fridge and we had food for weeks thanks to Ted & Lisa...We had a wonderful visit and they stayed at my parents house just down the road and we sat for hrs talking with my folks who dearly loved Ted. The next day they had to make the long trip back to Nashville but i bet Ted had that big ole grin on his face knowing how happy he made my kids...We talk about a one of a kind and that's Ted...I miss you my friend but i am so glad you have a new life and you're healthy once again...I'll See You At The House when i get there.

March 11, 2008

"The Motorcycle Trip"
Back in the late 70's before Ted got me my 1st radio job i had worked at various places around Nacogdoches and decided to set off on a job hunting adventure that led me to my grandmothers house in Murchison, TX near Tyler...my mema had said that Kelly Springfield tire co. was hiring so i thought i'd make a change...well after an interview and waiting 2 weeks for a reply i gave up...On my trip to my grandmothers house my car had broken down and was left at some gas station outside of Henderson and my dad had somehow got it back to Nac and parked it in his driveway...Well good ole Ted had a motorcycle and drove all the way to my grandmothers house to get me and bring me back home to Nac...When Ted got to mema's house she had a meal fit for 2 kings prepared for us to eat before we made the 200 or so mile trip back to the piney woods...We talked and talked with my grandmother...She loved Ted and all his funny jokes and she laughed at how he always had to comb his hair...Funny thing is that his motorcycle helmet always messed it up hehehehe...I'll never forget how much fun we had that day visiting with my mema...We rolled into Lufkin about dinner time and we were just in time to sit around that huge picnic table at Ted's house and partake of yet another fine meal his mom had stood on her feet for hrs making for the big family...You know, even if it was just sandwiches, they were always better somehow around that big ole table...I mean the ham tasted better, the bread was fresher and the tea was outta this world...I stayed at Ted's house a few days till i worked up the nerve to tell my parents i had come back home and didn't get the job at Kelly Springfield...Soon after that i went to work at Gibson's in Nac and it wasn't long after that i got into radio...Thanks to Ted once again, I got back home...He seemed to help bail a lot of us out of stuff didn't he...What an awesome friend he was to us all...Tune in next time for another great Ted Story.

February 26, 2008

Ted and His Dr Pepper
When did you ever see Ted w/o a Dr Pepper...he sure did love that soda...Some of you may not know but that's how i met Ted back in the late 70's when i was working at the 7-11 store right there on North St. in Nacogdoches TX near the college entrance...He'd come in there everyday to get his fav drink...Well, one day he came in, got a Dr Pepper and some Peanut M&M's and was about 40 cents or so short so i reached in my 7-11 smock and got the change and told him to pay me back later...Hey, back then 40 cents would almost buy a gallon of gas hahaha...Anyway, Ted left and in less than an hr came back in my store but with different clothes on and i was puzzled but didn't ask...This went on for several weeks and so one night at a dance i was Dj-ing Ted was there with his date and i asked him about having so many clothes cause he'd come in my store many times a day and he said, "Oh, you've been seeing Me and then My Twin brother David and he let out that famous Ted Laugh cause all along i'd thought, man, this dude sure does changes clothes a lot...After that night we became best friends and hung out...We loved to cruise around the college at SFA in my bright green VW with the music playin' loud cause we thought the babes would think we were so cool...My VW had a sunroof but we had to be careful cause it would mess Ted's hair up hehehehehehehe...You know, i never got that 40 cents back but i'd trade a million dollars to have Ted back for just a day so i could tell him what his friendship meant to me...Tune in next Time for Another Story.

February 15, 2008

It was 1 month ago today Jan 15th 2008 that most of us gathered in Lufkin at the Church to honor our Beloved Ted Stewart. I've read these wonderful and kind words over and over and when you finish reading you realize just how many different lives he touched in his short 50 yrs...I know i miss the laughs, the jokes and getting a call from Ted checking up on me and my family...Back in April 07 when Ted called me about his Dad being ill and in the hospital in Nacogdoches, I drove to visit Ted, his Dad and His Mother and family and i don't know of a more close-knit family than that cause everyone was there...Ted and I decided to go have some lunch and i took him to this place called Clearsprings in Nac...All we knew was that is was somewhere downtown and we finally found it and Ted's eyes lit up when he realized he'd worked and performed opera songs in the very same building 30 yrs earlier...For ya see we'd stumbled on the old Rossini's building that was a fine Italian Restaurant all those yrs before...Ted worked there as a waiter and as a waiter you also sang opera songs to the customers while you served their tables...Ted was like a little kid going thru the place looking at some of the old things that were still there on the walls after over 30 yrs...After lunch we drove around Nac looking at all the places we'd lived back in the 70's...What a day that was to see our old apt and a house we lived in for a while too...Most of the places we ate and hung out were a thing of the past like TR's Sandwich Shop where we got some of the best Po-boy's in town...Nac had indeed grown a lot since we'd been Roommates but the memories were still there on every street we traveled that day...Ted took me for my 1st fancy coffee at Starbucks that day too, Ted loved his coffee...I said, "Bubba this coffee's 5 bucks, It's just flavored water"...Ted didn't care, he said, "Aw, you'll love it Bubba, Trust Me"..."Besides I'm Payin"...After that day, little did i know i'd never get to come back to Nac and hang out with my best friend but i'll never forget how much fun we had cruising the SFA Campus like we did in the 70's and i can still picture Ted pulling that big ole black comb out of his back pocket and combing his long hair as he did probably 10 to 20 times a day if not more...He had to get every strand in place, You know ya'll remember that if you knew Ted back then...His hair was his pride and joy...He always had to use that Agree Shampoo and Conditioner too hehehehe...He said it was the best invention...Thanks for the Memories Bubba.

February 6, 2008

As i noticed more and more people dropping by Ted's page i wanted to make the Guestbook Available for many more friends to have a chance to sign Ted's book...I asked David, Ted's twin brother if it was OK for me to sponsor the book for another yr and he said that it would be fine so we'll keep his page up thru Feb. 13th 2009...I miss you My best Friend...Thanks for the Laughs and the Love you Showed us all.

January 23, 2008

Many people have inquired about the poem i read at Ted's Service so here's a copy if anyone would like one...feel free to copy and paste it with my blessing...I had written the poem for Ted a few days after his daddy passed and i knew Ted would be honored to have it read at his own service Jan. 15th 2008...i also have an audio version of the poem put to music and a song follows...contact me and i'll be glad to send a copy via email.







January 16, 2008

I miss my best friend Ted so much...Ted and i met back in the late 70's when i worked at 7-11 in Nac...Ted was in my store daily buying Dr Pepper...we became instant friends, then roommates and Ted got me my 1st job in Radio and to this day i am still doing that job but i know w/o a doubt if i hadn't met Ted i would not be in this business that i love...I was so honored to have taken part in the celebration of Ted's life at his service...We have truly lost a one of a kind...I miss you my friend and to Ted's family, thanks for sharing this wonderful Friend with us all...The most amazing thing from Ted's service was to see how many of us considered Ted "our" best friend...



A few yrs. ago I kept bugging Chris that I wanted to hear him doing his
radio DJ thing on air, so he finally sent me this aircheck by email.

Here's his Feb. 17, 2009 email to me:

"hey gary w...thought i'd send you an aircheck of me...this covers my very 1st night
on the air at KSPL the station ted got me the job at... it covers when i was chris allen and
as jammin johnny o in morning radio back in houston too...
thought you might get a kick out of it...chris dyer"

(download mp3)


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