“Ted’s Song - Always Remembered, Never Forgotten"
(a special gift to Ted's family & friends from Chris Dyer on the occasion of the first anniversary of Ted's passing)
Perhaps it's best to first read Chris' letter below explaining the song before listening.


Early last yr I had this idea for a Special Gift for Ted’s Family and Friends
on the Anniversary of Ted’s Passing so I emailed my idea to a friend who
knew and worked with Ted who can really play the piano well…While I was
in Houston a few weeks ago for a visit during the Christmas Holidays we sat
around his Piano in his home studio and we came up with this Beautiful Song
which will forever be Known as Ted’s Song-Always Remembered, Never Forgotten.
I hope each person who hears this Instrumental will always be reminded of how
much Ted loved Music. One of his favorite Singer/Song Writers was the Late
Dan Fogelberg so I asked my friend to Mix in a few notes from the Song called
“Longer” by Dan Fogelberg and he did it for me…You’ll hear Part Of “Longer”
near the end of this Tribute song to Our Dear Ted Stewart…Enjoy this Gift and
Thank You Each and Every One for Your Kind Words to Me and To Ted’s Family.
I Love Ya’ll,
Chris Dyer


(Here’s what the Song Lyrics Say in the short clip by Dan Fogelberg)

Longer than there’ve been fishes in the ocean
Higher than any bird ever flew
Longer than there’ve been stars up in the heavens
I’ve been in love with you.


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