"A Friend"


What good is life if you cannot share

A good thing here, a sad thing there?


What fun would there be if no one could see

The flowers you planted so tenderly?


So let us share our gladness and sorrow,

For a friend today may be gone tomorrow.


Tell him of your care and woes,

Then ask the help of those you've chose.


Listen to every word he may say,

Help him, if you can, some way.


Offer your ears to hear his trouble,

Offer your heart to open double.


Tell him of the time you cried all night

For the child you love with all your might.


Could it be, he has seen those days

When the world has gone a thousand ways?


God shows us to our friends with care,

But be aware of the devil hiding there.


Let the Golden Rule be your guideline,

Then you can find a friend such as mine.


by Sandy Weaver
Silver Years News
July-August 1988


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