Affirmation of Faith in an Apocalyptic Age
by the Reverend John D. Craig
(Jan. 3, 1915 - Nov. 1, 2002)


I believe ultimately and finally
     in the total victory of God.

I believe that even in a sinful world
     He never loses control,
     and that He sets limits
         on the forces of evil.  

Therefore, I believe that in the unfolding
     of His Providence in history:
         Christ triumphs over Satan,
         good prevails over evil,
         that forgiveness
             is stronger than guilt
                 as love is stronger than hate.

I believe faith is better than fear
     that life shall conquer death,
     that there shall be songs
        in the morning,
     that God shall wipe away all tears,

For Christ must reign until He has put
     all His enemies under His feet,
     that God may be all in all.    Amen.


                                               John D. Craig  


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