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Ever since I was a young child,
I have been fascinated with photos and images.
There were the times in college when I liked
to bore my friends
with slide shows of my summer mountain climbing expeditions
to the Rocky Mountains
Probably my favorite such trip
was the time I hitchhiked from
Austin all the way
to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming
for 5 days of backpacking.

 Nowadays I just do color prints with my cheap aim-and-shoot Kodak.
 I probably acquired hiking fever while I was still a Boy Scout, but I didn't start doing serious 
mountain hiking until I was in college.
And there is no question that I definitely succumbed to the John Denver
"Rocky Mountain High" fever that was prevalent in the early 70's.
That Rocky Mountain euphoria had a big influence on my choice of workplace locations 
through the years
and, in turn, my career path as well.
Consequently, for me personally, his tragic 1997 death was a bit sad.

Through the years I was fortunate to have had enough free time to ascend
to the top of 12 of the
U.S. state highpoints,
including Mt.Whitney (the highest peak in the 48 contiguous states),
12 of Colorado's 54 famous "Fourteeners" (peaks higher than 14,000 feet),
and all the
25 highest mountains in Japan.

I guess you might say I just really enjoy getting high !!

Some of that beautiful mountain scenery is shown below.

pitamakan passPitamakan Pass,
Glacier National Park, Montana

mt. kita-dake Mt. Kita-dake, elev. 3192m,
Japan's 2nd tallest
(Mt. Fuji in background)





four peaksFour Peaks, Arizona
(near Phoenix)

mt. shiomi-dakeMt. Shiomi-dake,
Southern Japan Alps




siyeh passSiyeh Pass,
Glacier National Park, Montana






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This page was devoted to only mountains, but if you have time to check out some more pictures,
there are over 400 additional images in the rest of the gallery.
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 Hoo-wah !!!
Please Enjoy !

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