The Story

Texas is steeped in history and legend.  
Sometimes history becomes clouded with legend and folklore,
but that only enriches the experience.  
This is no more evident than in the legend of "The Yellow Rose of Texas."

Emily Morgan was reported to have been a mulatto slave
belonging to a wealthy Texas land owner during the time of the Texas Revolution.  
After Santa Anna and the Mexican army defeated the Texas army at the Alamo and at Goliad,
they pushed their way eastward intent on crushing the rebellious Texans.

They moved as far east as the swampy bogs around what is now
the San Jacinto River and the Houston Ship Channel.  
Santa Anna had set up camp along the banks of the river.  
The Texas army, under the leadership of General Sam Houston,
who the City of Houston is named after, attacked the Mexican army during siesta time. 
With the river at their backs cutting off any hope of escape,
the Texas army defeated the Mexican army with little effort.
Santa Anna was reported to have been in his tent "enjoying" the company of Emily Morgan.

The resulting rout was a miracle by military standards as the Texas army was severely outnumbered.
Without the direction of the Santa Anna,
the Mexican army was defeated,
marking the end of Santa Anna's rule in Texas,
and effectively creating the Republic of Texas.

Since the day that Emily Morgan effectively distracted Santa Anna,
she has been immortalized in legend and song as
"The Yellow Rose of Texas......the sweetest little rosebud, that Texas ever knew".

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nkth, 11 April 1999