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Excuse me, but are you lost?  Are you sure you're in the right place?
Oh well, regardless of whether you stumbled here by accident,
came on your own free will, or were ordered here at gunpoint,
why don't you take a load off and stay awhile.
By the way, "Howdy" (as they say back home in Texas) !!
Welcome to my home page.

I live in Tokyo, Japan,
an exciting 24-hour-a-day metropolis inhabited by only 30 million folks,
where I am currently working in the English education business.
I've been here for over 8 years now,
and my main job is with a large Japanese construction company.

I have had the pleasure of teaching
over 4,000 students
at over 60 companies, schools, and agencies.
I have also worked for a company licensed by Disney,
a job which has taken me to 44 of Japan's 47 prefectures,
singing and dancing for young children
in an English education stage show.
Yes, I started my entertainment career quite young by forming a rock band
at the age of only 4 --
I'm the one in the photo wearing the shades.
(Ha Ha -- Just a joke !!)

My tenure in Japan has been a lot of fun, but I really do miss my family,
Tex-Mex food, and my mom and dad's home cooking,
especially my dad's Texas barbeque.
  Japan is indeed a very beautiful country
-- it's about 70% mountains  -- 
and I have found the people to be especially warm and kind. 

One of the most surprising things for me
was to discover after moving here that
Tokyo is not a city,
but in fact, a prefecture,
the equivalent of a U.S. state,
and is a massive expanse of real estate
-- with a land area of 2135 sq. km. --
consisting of 23 wards, 27 cities, 6 towns, 8 villages,
as well as the Izu 7 Islands,
and the beautiful, remote Ogasawara Islands
-- some 1200 km. south of the metropolis --
which include Iwo Jima,
the famous WW II battle site.

And despite living in what is probably the world's
most populous metropolitan area,
one can be hiking in the mountains in a national park with a less-than-two-hour train ride
or be surfing in the Pacific Ocean with a less-than-one-hour train ride.
 The culture here is absolutely fascinating.
Japan is a very interesting country and it has been a pleasure living here.

By the way, I used to have a bunch of boring stuff on this page about my past life in the States,
including my background, hometown, interests, etc., but it seemed
to be in the way, so I decided to cut and paste it here.  
So in case you haven't dozed off by now,
I hope you will have time to visit
the rest of this site. 
Enjoy !!

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  The Home Page of Walter Wolff
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