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a U.S. presidential election year, and......
the Year of the Monkey(s)



Click here to view a cute Year of the Monkey cartoon.



Mickey and Minnie Mouse, dressed in kimonos, perform at Tokyo Disneyland during the New Year's holidays.  The park celebrates the New Year in Japanese style every year with Disney characters dressed up in traditional Japanese outfits. 



Please continue to pray for a speedy recovery for my friend's wife, Sandra, 
who successfully came through surgery on Thurs. 1/15 for colon cancer.  
Click on "Sandra's Surgery" at for periodic updates.
Please spread the word.  Thanks. 





Mark your calendars for Sunday, March 7.

The 7th Annual Tokyo WOMENFEST is at What the Dickens! in Ebisu.

WOMENFEST 2004 showcases local female talent as a way of celebrating International Women's Day. A wide variety of Comedians, Musicians and Dancers perform from mid-afternoon through the eveniing.

Performances this year will feature flute, cello, belly dance, modern dance, stand-up comedy, guitar, jazz, pop, original rock, folk, dance music and more.  Joni Davis will act as emcee.

Performers include: Anna Mackie and Mieko Yagi, Spring Day, Helen Northeast Band, Joan Anderson, Micheline, Tasha Patterson, Jackie Beebe, Sachiho Otsuka and many others. Click here for the latest performer schedule.

Doors open 3:00 PM, shows start at 3:30 PM and continue until around 11:30 PM.  Everyone is welcome - men, women and kids.

Tickets are available for 1,000 yen at the door and re-entry is OK.  Kids accompanied by adults are free!  Smoking on the upper level and outside.  Vegetarian and regular pub food is also available.

Helen Northeast, the founder and producer of the event since 1998, says each year is unique and that there is always a show full of diverse and talented performers.  Last year Jane Siberry, the famous Canadian singer/songwriter, performed as a special surprise guest artist.  There is also a wonderful and responsive audience.  Bring yourself, bring your friends!

       WOMENFEST 2004
       Sunday, March 7 from 3 PM
       What the Dickens!
       Tel: 03-3780-2099
       4F Roob 6 Bldg.
       Ebisu-Nishi 1-13-3
       Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Ebisu West Exit (in front of the station, Hibiya Subway Line entrance) Cross the street and turn up the street between Wendy's and KFC. Look for Roob Building on your left.  Click here for map.

For more info or a flyer with a map (English or Japanese) please contact:





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