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Gary Joe Wolff (in Japan)
Gary Joe Wolff is a Tokyo-based corporate communications consultant, university lecturer, and all-round nice guy. :-)

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The Latest Photos from the Mars Rover (Feb '04)

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Space Shuttle Columbia - a Special Tribute to our Fallen Heroes (Feb. '03)

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Email to President George W. Bush (Feb. '01)

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Original Home Page published January 27, 1997

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Mountains, Mountains, and more Mountains


Japan's Highest Mountains

Mt. Suisho-dake & Mt. Washiba-dake, Northern Japan Alps

Shirouma-dake (Hakuba), elev. 2932 m, Japan's 18th highest peak

Jii-ga-take & Kashiwara Shindou Climbing Route

U.S. State High Points



Photo Gallery

Exciting Japan Photos

Exciting Texas Photos

Disney Kids

Halloween in Tokyo

Friend and Family Photos

Friend and Family Photos, Page 2

Friend and Family Photos, Page 3

Gary's Santa Pics

Cultural Exchange with Students from the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Tokyo Bay Fishing at Miura Kaigan, Saturday, June 16, 2007

Guam Photos - March 19-22, 2007

Photo Highlights of 2006

Texas in Springtime

Yoro Keikoku Valley, Chiba, Japan

Photo Highlights of 2005

Halloween 2005 in Tokyo

Cherry Blossoms in Japan

1999 Ohanami Cherry Blossom Party

President George W. Bush Photo Gallery


Memorial Pages

Ted Evan Stewart

In Loving Memory of Ted Evan Stewart
Always Remembered, Never Forgotten--March 22, 1957 - January 9, 2008

Lyrics to "He Aint' Heavy, He's my Brother" by The Hollies

Ted Evan Stewart rehearsing the "Lord's Prayer" for a wedding in 1980

Lyrics to "I've Done Enough Dying Today" by Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin Bros.

Ted's Song - Always Remembered, Never Forgotten"

"Yesterday" poem & "I'm Not Thru Loving You Yet"

"Amazing Grace" sung by Amanda in Ted Evan Stewart's honor

Ted Stewart, Director of Tenant Relations, Hart Investments, Overland Park, KS

Ted Evan Stewart's Dec. 10, 2006 Letter to his Mother & Father

Ted Evan Stewart's Funeral Service Program

We Know Where He Is (poem by Ted's aunt, Jacqueline Stewart)

Emails from Ted

In Loving Memory of Larkland P. "Larkie" Colebrooke

My Tribute to Sigi Rindler, "Mr. Akihabara"


Fun Stuff

Risque Humor

Summer Night in Japan

3D Rotating Clock

The Striptease Club

George Carlin's Latest Theory on Life

Tokyo Scale of Crowdedness

Let's Get High

Year 2000 Countdown Timer
Countdown to the Millennium


Feel Good Stuff

Love Poems

Inspiration and Hope

What is the Meaning of Life?

The Paradox of our Age

Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell's 12 Rules for Life

I Believe


The Story of the Yellow Rose of Texas

Everyone's Free (to Wear Sunscreen)

Going to College

Life's Many Little Lessons

"Affirmation of Faith in an Apocalyptic Age" by the Reverend John D. Craig

The Summer of '99 is Over, but the Memories Linger On

I've Learned...

A Vanished Friend

The Most Beautiful Flower

Words of Wisdom

"A Friend"


Karaoke Room


A Place in the Sun

Everything I Do... I Do It For You

Do You Remember...?

The Lyrics to the Yellow Rose of Texas

Happy Xmas

Open Arms



Japan Stuff

My Japanese Abode

Japanese Man Wins New York Hot Dog Eating Contest 

Japan News Briefs (from Dec. '97 - Sept. '99)

Eikaiwa (English class) Poster


Boring Stuff

Gary Joe Wolff's Resume (zzzzzzzzz.....)

Gary's Bio and former life in the States

Eagle Scout Gary J. Wolff

Gary's Clients

Gary's Bookmarks



What’s the Latest with Search Engines These Days?

Building a No-Brainer Web Site on a Shoestring Budget

ICQ's Privacy Risks: Users Beware

An Overview of the Houston, Texas Waterworks System and its Comparison with the Tokyo System


Tokyo Musician Pages

Joni Davis


WomenFest 2004 performer schedule


Miscellaneous Pages

U.S. Presidential Election 2008

2004 Presidential Election Postscript

A State of Confusion by Richard Rodriguez

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